The Centre of Our Democracy

The honesty of some previous members of the Houses of Parliament has proven to be highly questionable and we must accept, as fact, that this sort of corruption is much more widespread as is being proven today.  Corruption breeds corruption and it is this abuse of power that causes corrupt situations to expand throughout government and society, allowing the already endemically corrupt police to covertly take advantage to reinforce their aims for control and seek changes in support of their corrupt objectives to reduce our rights and freedoms by increasing their powers.

The ‘Vote’ is the core of our democracy and the power it gives is our consent allowing the majority to choose who they want as representatives and which directions should be taken or what change’s need to be made. We give this power along with our trust to those we expect and believe will govern with our best interests in mind and transparency in their actions.

This is where WE begin, where WE start to challenge and fight corrupt police officers and abusive policing in the forces of England and Wales a problem that is endemic in what is the most powerful legalised organization within our society whose members are recruited from and paid for by us. We are still a democracy (supposedly) that is still ruled by the power of the people for the good of all the people, therefore, control should be with the people.

All the actions in a democracy taken by those who represent us in Parliament, the elected MPs, and those who are tasked to serve us (as public servants) in our society, in theory, should all be answerable to the will of the people who elected them as representatives.Corruption has not just arrived it has been there since the start but over the years developed gradually and a rapid expansion began in the 1960’s  

Along with the established mentality of officers, ”We can do as we like with virtual impunityā€¯, which continues, they have developed into what has become a legalized organization of thuggery that has been proven to be guilty of committing every crime for which they are duty bound in law to protect society. This corrupt fraternity of the UK Police Force continues to prevail and grow. Without substantial reforms, I feel a ‘police state’ looming nearer and our freedoms and powers lost.

They are unchallenged and protected by their fellow conspirators and many investigations into wrongdoing by the police are delayed and drawn out, allowing them in most cases, to pass a cut off date for certain police actions as in the Hillsborough Disaster then just forgotten allowing the miscreants to retire on the grounds of ‘ill health’ or just retire on full benefits in the majority of cases. The simplest of reasons that the evidence has been lost misplaced or accidentally destroyed is, no evidence no case, the Kent police have been guilty of misplacing or destroying notebooks and evidence of which I have personal proof (recorded). 

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