We are not a vengeful movement against authority but we are against abuse and corruption in all its forms and those in authority that support its.

Firstly I can assure you that we are not anti-police in fact we will welcome all honest and diligent police officers to join and help us and with their knowledge and support we will achieve our goals. Although we can and will do this on our own we accepted from the offset that we would evetually need the help of any honest police officers within the forces to expedite matters. As the corruption is endemic throughout all ranks and sexes including the office of the highest rank the Chief Commissioner of Police and includes all sections of police employees.

The irony of this is that it will need the power that is feeding the corruption to exicute the arrest warrants. “Poetic Justice

The reasons for our actions against abuse and our aims are when ever possible to ensure that all abuse by authority is  fully exposed to the public and investigated to its conclusion not allowed to be hidden, lost or ignored by those who have the control and power to do so, the abusers themselves who by deception or their corrupt actions allow evidence to disapear. (I can supply proof on record) 

Corruption we know can be removed and those responsible must  be removed from office and exposed in the public domain along with the punishment they receive to show there is police action involved and a committment by them to help remove this cacerous growth from within their ranks. Then honest officers can ensure the fight continues  to make a better service with greater support of the public and working  conditions for themselves.

The Force will regain some respect and the public will know there are good officers whose numbers will grow along with trust and respect to what it once was.

In the 1960’s when the county police forces were amalgamated into one force “The Metropolitain” Police Force  the “Core of Corruption”   where corruption was known and established in some cases even allowed  and supported by the lack of action allowing it to grow.

I say to those honest police officers ( Who stay silent from fear of retaliation) join with us and support our actions to combat this corruption. We are not just acting for ourselves but for everyone including you and by using our remaining constitutional rights and the courts (criminal & civil) we intend to regain our rightful freedoms that have been taken away by the corrupt actions of the police and their supporters.

With these new younger M.P.s in parliament who are not yet tainted with “codes of practice” or the “old ways” from a past which has proven there were questionable actions even of many types even criminal by some of our representative M.P.s.

Now with a larger number of fresh younger members we hope they will represent us as they should with a duty of Respect to honour the trust we gave them and be True to thier Duties of representation. It is bound in law that they follow the will of the people and this control must be returned including the control of police management. Being under the control of the people will ensure better quality and the influance of no police invovlement in the selection of who has which job there can once again be a pride and respect for our POLICE that was once the envy of other democracies “this is our right”.

Any action or intelligence from within the police force’s will help us when we take any necessary action against corruption and help us to get convictions or make the needed changes to law. By curbing  police powers and redistributing  the power back to the people and away from corruptions control is our aim remember,

(“Those Who Stand And Watch, Yet Do Nothing, Are The Greater Evil”) (“A Einstein” ) 

This is the reason I first decided to build this site due to the increase in corruption it needs to be re-launched to Remind the Police Fraternity and ensuring that they know and understand that they are being watched by us and we will act against them when needed.

We are here to stay. Those honest Officers & Staff within the police wanting to help will find this site safe and we will help and support them in this fight. 

To Honour The Trust We Gave Them   ( Be Reminded.)

It is they (The Police ) who are contracted in law and have taken an oath to Protect and Serve us honestly with diligence and to the best of their ability as stated when the police force was first established.

This is Under the guidance of the 9 Principals set out by Sir Robert Peel 1827. For this they are granted a Royal Warrant of Queens Constable and  Extra Ordinary Power of enforcement thus the FORCE in Police Force.

(Many changes have taken place since but the core and principals are still in force)  

So you can see we are just ordinary people like you fed up with the corrupt actions of the police but some of us have personal reasons due to having suffered personal abuse and heavy handed action from police officers and then failed by those special agencies (I.P.C.C.) to name one (1) set up specifically to protect the public from these corrupt officers but it operates with a corrupt bias for supporting the police as I have found out to my cost, which I can supply (IPCC) documented evidence for this and other claims which I will post in the future once we are fully exposed on the net. (I will list the other agencie )

There are many ways that the police avoid the criminal law due mainly to the fact that they are its  ENFORCERS and consider they are the law and therefore above it (They do as They like because They Can ) they are their only judges with plenty of support and diversions to obstruct actions taken but since the advent of the mobile phone we the public now have instant photography at hand in many cases equal to the police evidence gathering equipment. With evidence recorders so they now get caught but still can avoid investigation and criminal charge again as the C.P.S have the choice of if it is in the public interest and they seem to find in many cases that the police crimes are not in the public interest   corrupt police action is not in the public interest I think something is wrong with that verdict. The truth is that many people have no access to money to take court action in the civil courts (Which are Beyond Police Control) but many of those that are brought against the police are found against the police.(No win no Fee Helps)

Ambiguity is commonly used by the police when making their statements or writing as a dictation for a suspect is commonly used as directed by The Chief Commissioner Condon (Must check the Spelling) at his 2013 Inauguration Dinner with his chief police officers (ACPO) and cohorts in attendance. He mentioned in his speech phrased as a directive to the assembly  “We should always be”ambiguous “ when addressing or dealing with the public or being interviewed by the media including the press.

An Example of ambiguity in action was when I dictated a statement about an action resulting from a contact by a cloth towel. I was asked how was the towel used I responded sort of picked it up of the table and sort of whiped it but when reading the statement the officer wrote I saw exactly how it would/could look or be used depending on who was using it and in what situation/senario so I told her she had ambiguously used the word whip in the wrong context and made her change it to flick right away or I would tear it up that is a different to whiping and flicking entirely different connotation.

We aim to change the blatant contempt the police have of the public due to their mentality in believing they can do as like just because they can with the aid of the Royal Warrant  be protects from anything if they choose. If you touch a police officer or the uniform they can charge you with assault if they feel like it. As there is no or very little discipline practiced in the police of today its absence ( Punishment is a Part of Discipline)is an act of support as there is no deterrent to prevent wrongful actions by the police officers they loose nothing  unless taken before the civil courts. As long as there is poor/no discipline these problems will persist and we the public will continue to be disrespected and abused due to lack of basic legal knowledge in some cases.

The facts are proof enough in the past no person with a criminal record or did not reach certain standards would not be considered for the police let alone be allowed to continue serving after committing any crime or act of misconduct they would be investigated and dealt with accordingly by the courts. Today being found abusing their authority and  committing all manner of crimes whilst serving as police officer/employee seems to be part of the course of being a police officer and being kept on or re-employed in an alternative force seems common practice.  We will be campaigning to change these in-house rules/laws and ensure with police recruitment a criminal record excludes anybody and should they commit any abuse crime or misconduct whilst a serving member of the police or it employees it will immediately be dismissal and investigation. Automatic suspension without pay and all pension or benefits be suspend/removed.

We intent to campaign that any officer/s suspended pending or as part of an investigation should be suspended without payment thus it will deter some of the crimes and misconduct actions of other officers taking place. Reducing the excessive cost to the police fund of members on unlimited leave with  full pay and no get out of the force  free of charges before an investigation should help reduce the number of officers takeing to corruption due to the cost when caught.An increased involvement and support by honest police officer and employees should ensure a clean and more reliable Police Service with Pride then Respect. 

Proven crimes and criminals will be listed. Older Crimes in History or Achieves.

We will show that the officers and employees can and do conspire and collude to ensure the fraternity is strong in it’s criminality and to ensure their story’s are the same even if they were not there.