Our aims are straightforward but will be challenging to achieve due to the powerful vested interests in our sights. To achieve them will require all the help and support that we can muster. We will need some dedicated people who have been subject to personal abuse, corruptly secured convictions or even overbearing bias and are interested in helping to make a difference to bring about a change to a police culture that is known to be brutal, abusive and corrupt.

I personally no longer have any trust or respect for the police especially in my county Kent and I know that there are many more like-minded people.

We intend to question the direction the government is taking by giving the Police and associated agencies more powers to arm more officer, dictate policies and interpret the law to suit their own ends. Increasing the number of officers allowed to bear arms on our streets will only lead to more innocent civilians being killed ( as a mistake or accident by well-trained officers that even shoot themselves in the foot or kill their one when taking part in a planned exercise )   these results will be from police lead investigations as it is they ( the police ) alone who hold and control the evidence. These are actions that threaten our Democracy and Humanitarian rights and freedoms that they (the police) are tasked to defend and protect.

Policing by consent is no longer the rule but by intimidation and offensive confrontation is with a variety of uniforms and arms as visual intimidation and using the threat of terrorist attacks to cover the true reason to gain and carry out unlawful actions establishing greater power.

We will always openly publish our intentions and any actions we take or have taken will be posted so there will be no doubt as to our aims to address and hopefully rectify the abuse and imbalance of power. To return those powers rightfully back to the people and ensure our freedoms are no longer compromised and our democratic rights are returned.Protected by an elected governing body ( Voted In) of the people without any police influence then this   Democracy which we have, that is already changing toward a police state, will be strong and the people will be back in charge.

We will expose any and all abuse of power or misconduct by any officer or police employee where ever possible or any other person of authority charged and contracted to give a public service We will also expose to the public by name, again wherever possible, and follow each case we expose to its conclusion, not as in most cases allow it to fade into obscurity,but we will keep it in the public domain.

Those officers and supporters of the endemic corruption practised throughout the police forces and judiciary of England and Wales will not be overlooked but under the popular old law used frequently by the police they are “guilty by association”